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Publication Places Doubt Over Zoono’s COVID Claims

Publication Places Doubt Over Zoono’s COVID Claims
18 February 2021

A sanitising product used by Transport for London and American Airlines has had several virus-killing claims questioned by an Australian news service.

Zoono Group, based in New Zealand, has a range of antimicrobial products that are used globally by Transport for London, Govia Thameslink and American Airlines. The share price of the group is up a full 184% compared to three years ago (correct as of 15 February 2021).

In August 2020, the company was forced to revoke its claim that its Z-71 sanitiser protects surfaces against germs for 30 days, replacing descriptions with terms such as “scientifically proven” and “longer lasting”.


“Unique Virus-Killing Molecule” Under Question


More recently, journalist Steve Bishop for news service Independent Australia has questioned the company’s claim of their products containing a “unique virus-killing molecule”.

Bishop writes that the so-called “unique antibacterial molecule” is no different in molecular structure to others, such as Polser’s AMB technology and Saniguard 9000. He also notes that in all cases, the identical Si-Quat is used, known as Dow Corning 5700, invented by Dow Corning in the 1970s.

Bishop notes several other discrepancies in his article, including the claim from CEO Paul Hyslop in Zoono’s 2020 annual report that: “‘The idea of protecting surfaces from infection and cross-contamination was novel when I started this company.”

He also takes issues with Zoono’s list of bugs inactivated by Zoono products, which not only is identical to other antimicrobial brands but contains examples dated before Zoono was founded.

ThisWeekinFM has approached Zoono UK for comment.

Picture: a photograph of a person in protective gloves handling a sample tube

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 18 February 2021


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