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Bin There Done That

22 July 2016 | Updated 01 January 1970

With confidential waste and clinical waste it has always been regarded as imperative that waste containers are never over filled for obvious reasons in the clinical waste sector and the huge statutory penalties for breaches of the data protection laws (up to £500,000 in UK) in the confidential waste sector.

The so-called ‘brainy bins’ from Carnie use what is claimed to be highly sophisticated ultrasound with multiple sensors that are calibrated to exactly match specific types of bins. The sensors are totally wireless and cannot be accessed inadvertently and are built in at the manufacturing stage and provide a traffic light system which instantly indicates bin status – green for empty, amber for 50% full and red for full.

Information can be monitored 24 hours per day via any computer or internet connected device by the contractor and/or customer. While not every site will require this system it is being promoted as a ‘huge benefit’ where operators or members of staff have to be allocated to check these bins which may mean travelling considerable distances to manually check the bins.

This system is now fully operational and manufactured in the UK and Carnie states it already supplies most waste companies, police forces, hospitals and almost the entire security shredding industry in the UK and Europe.

Picture: The brainy bin from Carnie is said to deal with problems relating to clinical waste and confidential information

Article written by Mike Gannon | Published 22 July 2016


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