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Brits Oblivious To Indoor Air’s Deadly Impact

Brits know very little or nothing on indoor air quality and its effects.
06 June 2019 | Updated 07 June 2019

Public awareness of the toxicity of the buildings they live and work in is alarmingly low, with 72% of Brits confirming they know very little or nothing about indoor air quality and its effects.

Research commissioned by Veolia, was published on World Environment Day(June 5) is aimed at beating air pollution. Veolia has called on the Government to refine its indoor air quality regulatory guidance, aligned to the World Health Organisation’s.

Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Veolia UK & Ireland said: “We can smell car fumes and sometimes we see dust levels outside, however, little is known about invisible indoor air pollution and its potential health effects - thought to be eight times more dangerous than outdoor conditions. Our research concludes that poor indoor air quality will contribute to 20,000 premature deaths in Britain every year."


Global observations

Veolia has been monitoring and studying indoor air at a global level for over a decade. The company claims that out of the hundreds of buildings they have audited, over 80% have required some corrective action - and in the UK it is no different. "Our research shows the public are poorly informed on an issue that will affect each and every one of us," continued Kirkman. "We spend 8 hours a day in buildings - much longer than we spend commuting.

“Current Government advice on indoor air quality is fragmented, ineffective and has been poorly enforced to date. Solutions are available to prevent further indoor air related health impacts but only if the problem is taken seriously by policy makers and stronger guidelines are imposed. Adopting guidance on indoor air quality will be an important, immediate step in preventing a whole generation from suffering unnecessary ill-health or reduced life expectancy."


Savings pay for action

Kirkman also insists: “We can monitor, test, and remediate air quality in buildings to very safe levels - potentially paying for the clean-up with energy savings we implement at the same time - so it doesn’t have to come at a cost.”


YouGov Survey Results:

  • 72% of Brits answered that they either don’t know 'much' about the subject of indoor air quality, don’t know anything about it or have never heard about it before.

  • 73% agree the government should develop indoor air quality guidelines for all public buildings.

  • 31% of respondents had never heard about the subject of indoor air quality before.

  • 55% of respondents aren’t concerned about indoor air quality and their health.

Picture: Brits know very little or nothing on indoor air quality and its effects.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 06 June 2019


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