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Cape Crusader Keeps Workers Safe

05 February 2016 | Updated 01 January 1970

A virtual reality app is helping industrial workers to operate in safe conditions at Eggborough Power Station.

The app from Arithmetica has created a fully interactive virtual reality simulation of a hazardous working environment using a SphereVision 360 degree video recording and production system.

Designed to support health and safety training at Cape plc, an international player in the provision of critical industrial services to the energy and natural resources sectors, the immersive training presentation is intended to improve hazard awareness, increase perception of risk and support decision making. The Spherevision includes 360 degree video of a coal-fired power station with commentary from Cape and is delivered using specially developed Spherevision presenter software (app) for controlling multiple Samsung Gear VR headsets.

“When people are working in the same environment for long periods of time, their perception of risk can be lowered,” explained Marc Allert, Risk Coach, Cape. “They can even lose respect for the hazards they face every day. In order to counter, this we wanted to create something completely different. Working with Arithmetica, we have been able to revolutionise our health and safety training.”

The use of 360 degree imagery of a real working environment presented using virtual reality technology is said to have produced a genuine impact on trainees throughout the organisation. “We are now looking to widen the scope of our training programme and even offer this to our customers and partner organisations as a service,” stated Allert

Working alongside Cape personnel, Arithmetica with support from sister company Transmission TX that provided its 360 video production experience in turning Cape’s storyboard into the immersive training tool, captured 360 degree video of the coal-fired Eggborough Power Station in Yorkshire over a period of two days. Arithmetica processed the raw 360 video footage and in conjunction with feedback from Cape, delivered a fully interactive 360 degree visualisation of the environment from the perspective of a member of staff working on site. A commentary from Cape was added to the video to draw attention and focus to specific features and working practices.

Arithmetica also developed VR software for Cape so the resulting experience could be delivered in an interactive and immersive way, using Samsung GearVR headsets in a classroom or lecture theatre environment whilst giving the trainer full control of the training experience.

Picture: Imaginative use of a fully interactive virtual reality simulation of a hazardous working environment by Arithmetica has done the job for workers at Cape plc

Article written by Mike Gannon | Published 05 February 2016


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