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Thursday, 28 May

Expanding Support for Smart Cities Worldwide

The Wi-SUN Alliance, a non-profit making international ecosystem of companies seeking to accelerate the implementation of Field Area Networking and the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), has declared support for the global frequency band (2.4GHz).

It is argued that the addition of this frequency band will allow improved data rates, performance, robustness and security compared with many alternatives. As the industry need for Smart City and IoT deployments across the world grows, Wi-SUN support for this band now makes available to the global market its profiles for Field Area Networking (FAN) and home area networking (HAN).

“Wi-SUN is responding to the market demand for Smart Grid and Smart City deployments that may wish to improve already available sub-GHz spectrum," explained Phil Beecher, Chairman, Wi-SUN Alliance. “The Wi-SUN FAN profile, using the currently available frequency band, provides a foundation for improved utility, Smart City and other IoT implementations in the region as already proven by millions of devices deployed globally.”

Wi-SUN is focused on the certification of open standards based wireless options for use in energy management, commercial and smart city applications. The adoption of Wi-SUN FAN facilitates wireless connectivity in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), distribution automation (DA) and Smart Cities, e.g. networked street lighting and other urban infrastructure, across al regions that are addressed by the IEEE 802.15.4g global standard.  The Wi-SUN specification is said to help enterprises, service providers and municipalities by enabling interoperable, multi-service and secure IPv6/6LoWPAN communications over an IEEE 802.15.4g based wireless mesh network. 

Mesh-enabled Field Area Networks (FAN) provide resilient, secure and cost effective connectivity with good coverage in a range of topographical environments, from dense urban neighbourhoods to rural areas with what is claimed is minimal additional infrastructure.

Picture: The international Wi-Sun Alliance gave its blessing to the expansion of availability of the 2.4GHz frequency band

Article written by Robin Snow


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