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IFM Innovators Programme – Shedding New Light on Maintenance 5.0

IFM Innovators Programme – Shedding New Light on Maintenance 5.0
04 August 2022

87 per cent of professionals that completed The IFM Innovators Programme online course agreed that it had “impacted their vision and plans for the future”.

Earlier this year, we published an article detailing The IFM Innovators Programme — a free, online course focused on upskilling professionals in FM and maintenance.

Powered by Portuguese company Infraspeak, renowned for their Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP), the programme has over 30 free resources organised into 5 modules which cover topics relating to Maintenance 5.0, integrated maintenance, maintenance management efficiency, and more.


20.5% Agreed the Course Had “Completely Changed Their Perspective”


The programme has lived up to its promise and has proved to be a massive success within the community. It takes around 5 weeks to complete (each week, you'll receive an email which outlines the new module with the resources you'll need); has nearly 900 enrolled professionals, and has received glowing reviews from participants from around the world. 

When asked to fill in a short survey to shed light on their experience, 87 per cent of FM professionals that completed the course agreed it had “impacted their vision and plans for the future”, whilst 20.5 per cent agreed it had “completely changed their perspective”.

The course received praise for being “very beneficial and informative” and for having “excellent content, format and applicability”. Many people picked up on how the course helped in preparing for the future, and delighted in how it “shed light on new concepts and provided opportunities to reflect” and how it covered key themes, including “integrated maintenance trends that I need to tackle the challenges of Maintenance 5.0”. 

For more information on the IFM Innovators Programme and the IFM Community (a networking community aimed at nurturing conversation for the industry), follow this link.

Picture: a graphic showing a cityscape with various logos above, including Gmail, Sage and Xero. Image Credit: Infraspeak

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 04 August 2022


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