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Jumping Jack Flash - Getting Plastered Quickly In Stratford

Jump Factory
15 June 2018

A full Knauf system specification is being used in a landmark development on the site of the former Athletes’ Village in Stratford that was a centrepiece of the 2012 London Olympics.

Now known as East Village, the site already accommodates more than 6,000 residents across 2,818 homes.

The first element of phase two involves constructing two residential towers of 30 and 26 storeys which will contain a total of 482 apartments. The project is unique at this time as it involves using the innovative 'jump factory' method.

The self-contained factory is constructed around the outside of the new building. Inside, the residential tower is constructed floor by floor and when one is completed, the factory is ‘jumped’ up 3.3m to the floor above to repeat the process, revealing the completed building below.

Main contractor Mace appointed subcontractors Conneely and AT Plastering to complete the drywalling and plastering elements of the project and chose to use Knauf Fill & Finish, Knauf Joint Filler, Knauf Airless Finish and Knauf Plasterboards as a full system specification.

Dean Phillips of Conneely said: “I always use the full Knauf system for projects so was already familiar with using the products. I find the spray plaster very quick and easy to apply.”

Andrew Mansfield from AT Plastering agreed. “Normally for a project this size you’d need 30-40 plasterers but using the Knauf system we only need 15 spray plasterers. There is also no need to have the typical 6-8 labourers to clear up wastage as using Knauf Airless Finish means there is almost zero waste.”

Knauf Airless Finish only requires ventilation and a little bit of heat whereas traditional plaster requires all the moisture to be drawn out before paint can be applied. The spray plaster method allows us to expedite the whole process and helps reduce overall costs for projects due to the savings gained from reduced time and labour.

Manufactured from crushed and milled marble together with polymer and organic binders, Knauf Readymixed Finishing Solutions eliminate the need for a direct water supply on site. The significant reduction in product wastage is achieved through the ability to recycle any excess plaster back into the hopper to be used again.

Picture: A Knauf system is being used at the former Athletes’ Village in Stratford where tower blocks are being constructed using the jump factory method.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 15 June 2018


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