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Megaman Launches Innovative Downlight, With Angle and Colour Temperature Control

Megaman Launches Innovative Downlight, With Angle and Colour Temperature Control
13 August 2021

Global lighting manufacturer, Megaman®, has launched its adaptable, fully fire-rated TEGO 2 integrated LED downlight, ideal for commercial and domestic applications.

The innovative LED system features the option to easily change both the beam angle of the fixture and the colour temperature, all while in situ.

With Megaman’s cutting edge Dual Beam Technology (DBT), the TEGO 2 has two beam angles - 60° and 36°- available in one fitting.


Ultimate Flexibility With Colour Temperature Choices


By simply pressing the lens, the beam angle can be changed easily by both the installer and end-user. Dual CCT 2800K & 4000K can also be activated by twisting the lens once installed. This provides customers with a big advantage as they can now toggle the colour temperature between warm white or cool white as well as adapting the beam angle with simple light fingertip control – all while the fitting is in situ.




Picture: a photograph of the TEGO 2 integrated LED downlight


With a lumen output of 650lm at 7.5W, the TEGO 2 integrated downlight is also dimmable and rated IP65, making it ideal for environments with higher moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The downlights are also tested to provide fire protection for 30, 60, 90-minute ceiling constructions. The LED system includes up to 50,000hrs usage and a tool-free wiring install with a loop in/loop out function.


Why LEDs?


The type of lighting used in a building has a huge effect on employee wellbeing and safety, and good lighting choices are a key FM consideration. 

The society’s guidance states that there are three critical aspects to optimising lighting systems for FMs:


  • The quality of light: lighting levels, uniformity; unified glare rating (UGR) and colour rendering.
  • The quantity of light: watts and lumens, colour temperature and fidelity; useful life expectancy of LED light sources.
  • Timing: lighting controls.


LED lighting has long been favoured for its energy-efficient properties and is a great alternative to fluorescent lights. LEDs also provide the closest alternative to natural light.


Adapting to Interior Style


With the matt white bezel included as standard, there are also additional colour choices - matt black, polished chrome and brushed nickel - to suit a variety of interior designs. The bezel ring cover can be easily removed and changed for different decorating choices without the need to remove the whole fixture from the ceiling.

“With its flexibility in terms of colour temperature and beam angle once installed, there is no need for a contractor to worry about ‘making good’ a ceiling anymore – there’s nothing else like it in the market. A stylish fitting for commercial and domestic lighting applications, this energy-efficient and high-performance LED is an innovative lighting solution for any contemporary design,” commented Micaela Abbott, National Sales Manager of Megaman UK.

Picture: a photograph of the lights being used in a bathroom setting

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 13 August 2021


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