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PwC Takes Flexible Working To Extreme

31 August 2018

Price Waterhouse Cooper has announced a flexible worker plan like no other - it allows workers to take months away at a time as opposed to doing 8am-5pm and half day Friday.

PwC is the massive multi professional services company that was hired by the government's Insolvency Service to dispose of what was left of Carillion. The company has formed a Flexible Talent Network as it looks to hire more flexible and contingent workers.

The Flexible Talent Network is a new recruitment route to respond to the increasing demand from people to work flexibly and forgo traditional working patterns.

A PwC spokesperson said: "The Flexible Talent Network has been created to give people the opportunity to work for the firm without being tied into a full-time contract and standard working hours. People can choose a working pattern that works for them - whether that’s shorter hours or only working for a few months a year. People will apply to PwC’s Flexible Talent Network based on the skills they have and the working pattern that best works for them, rather than for specific roles. PwC will then match people in the network with relevant projects."


Going down a storm

Over 2,000 people have registered for the Network in the first two weeks of it opening for business, showing the demand for more flexible work options. By offering different routes into the firm and recruiting based on skills, PwC is hoping to attract more diverse talent who might previously have dismissed the firm as an option.

PwC carried out research prior to launch, The research showed that nearly half (46%) of people say flexible working and a culture of good work/life balance is the most important factor when choosing a job.



Laura Hinton, chief people officer at PwC, said: “People assume that to work at a big firm they need to follow traditional working patterns - we want to make it clear that this isn’t the case. In order to recruit the best people, we recognise that we need to offer greater flexibility, different working options and a route back in for those looking to restart their careers.

“We already encourage everyday flexibility for our people in how and where they work but our Flexible Talent Network takes flexible working to a new level - allowing people to choose exactly how they want to work throughout the year. People in the network will get to spend their year their way, whether it’s because of caring commitments, entrepreneurs supplementing their income, people who want to travel or simply not work all of the year.

“Offering flexibility in how people work throughout the year is not only good for workers, but also for business, the economy and ultimately society. We’re likely to see a rise in people transitioning in and out of work throughout their careers and those organisations who responsibly support their people to do this will ultimately gain a competitive advantage.”


Back to Business

Alongside the Flexible Talent Network, PwC is also recruiting for the next intake of its Back to Business return to work programme. The six-month paid senior internship programme is designed to help senior professionals to restart their career after an extended break.

Picture: The world's your oyster with PwC's worker plan that offers flexibility over a whole year. For a more detail explanation see below.

Extract from PwC's Flexible Talent Network

Everyone’s lives are different. Maybe you have a start-up business that only takes up some of your time or perhaps you volunteer and want to get paid work around volunteering? Or you could be a parent or carer taking time-out to support your family? Or are you semi-retired but still want to supplement your income? Maybe you’ve taken a career break and looking to get back into work.

There are all sorts of reasons why a traditional working pattern isn’t quite right for you and this is why our Flexible Working programmes could be just what you were looking for.

PwC's Flexible Talent Network is one way we can support flexible working and provide mutual benefits – for you and for PwC.

One way of doing this is to provide you with a way you can work to a timetable that suits you. Our Flexible Talent Network programme provides a great way for you to work for part of the year, and use the rest of the year for other things that matter to you.

Article written by Robin Snow | Published 31 August 2018


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