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Saturday, 7 December

West Yorks Police & North Yorks Police - No Power Struggle

West Yorkshire police

West Yorkshire Police uses PPSPower for its support generators and uninterruptible power supplies. North Yorkshire Police have the same deal.

Initially, the firm held the contract directly with the West Yorks force and over 10 years has worked with various FM companies, yet kept that close working relationship with the force directly. PPS now works across 34 West Yorkshire Police sites including the headquarters. 

In 2017, Esh Facilities also won the North Yorkshire Police portfolio and chose PPSPower to support these sites under the same contractual terms as West Yorkshire. The business now provides generator and UPS support across 20 North Yorkshire Police sites.

When it comes to the protecting West Yorkshire Police from outages, power is everything and critical to the force’s ongoing service provision. PPSPower provides full service and maintenance on all UPS’s and generators, planned preventative maintenance, 24/7 call out, annual Load Bank testing and new generators.

PPS is currently working with West Yorkshire Police on a major upgrading project across multiple sites. The project has included the replacement of two generators and also the replacement of the UPS on four sites.

The main focus of this project is to install load bank points and temporary generator connections to sites. The load bank points allow engineers to carry out better preventative maintenance, reducing future costs through validating the correct operational performance of the system. 

The temporary generator points mean that if a site has a major failure, PPS is able to bring in a hire set and connect it to their systems very quickly, thus minimising any potential downtime for the sites.


Why choose load bank testing?

Running a generator under load is the only true way to test its capability to operate as specified. There are many engine and generator components that must see real operating conditions to provide confirmation of their ready-state. Load bank testing is essentially a ‘live test’ of the generator working fully loaded in a controlled environment.

Picture: When it comes to the protecting West Yorkshire Police from outages, power is everything and critical to the force’s ongoing service provision.


Article written by Brian Shillibeer


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