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Thursday, 15 November

Filtering Out the Crud For A Happy Workforce

Ideal Office

Flexible working, comfortable office spaces, hydration stations, access to outside areas and natural lighting are the key ingredients for a healthy and happy workforce according to new research from BRITA Professional.

The results are revealed in a new report, ‘Life is Better Filtered: Your Working Environment’, which offers an in-depth look at what both UK office workers and facilitates managers would like to ‘filter out’ of their working lives. It focuses on practical advice on how to improve employee’ health, wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity through the design, build and management of office spaces.

Key findings from the research reveal that according to 83% of FMs, having filtered water readily available in addition to tap water is seen as an added benefit to employees - quel surprise.

Exploring the link between employee happiness and productivity, the report highlights that varying temperature conditions, unnatural lighting and not enough drinking water are the biggest aspects of an office environment that affect productivity, according to UK office workers. While 71% say having high-quality coffee and tea available improves their working day.

This is further backed up by one in three UK employees citing onsite hydration areas as essential for a happy and healthy workforce – particularly as over half of office workers drink less than the recommended daily amount of water (2 litres].


Corporate Social Responsibility

When it comes to CSR initiatives, the report identified that FMs’ targets are focussed on employee health and wellbeing (65%), lowering energy consumption (63%) and reducing waste levels (61%). Looking ahead to the future, FMs are moving away from the traditional office set-up and would like outdoor meeting spaces, flexible working and on-site childcare facilities to feature in their buildings.

Speaking about the report, Sarah Taylor, Managing Director of BRITA UK, said: “In a world that’s constantly evolving and altering the way we work, the traditional office environment is being turned on its head.

“It’s widely understood that effective working spaces are integral to employee wellbeing and the overall success of a business. We embarked on this research to take a closer look at what employees want from their workplace and identify which facilities and cultural aspects will help improve their wellbeing, increase efficiency and limit distractions.”

To download a copy of the ‘Life if Better Filtered Your Working Environment’ report - Click Here

Article written by Cathryn Ellis


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