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Infection Risk in Care Homes Drops 41% with Vacuum Robots

abbee care home
abbee care home
20 April 2021

In a UK Government funded trial, robots were used to clean the floors in 25 care homes and the results showed that pathogen levels dropped by 41 per cent in just three days.

The trial, funded by Innovate UK as part of the fight against COVID-19 and provided by The Perfect Little Company (TPLC), used advanced ATP testing equipment, commercial robotic vacuums and antiviral surface cleaner. The aim was to see if the combined technologies would reduce pathogen levels.


Abbee Automated Vacuums


Controlled tests were taken for two days prior to the introduction of the Abbee cleaning robots and then for three days following the introduction. The pathogen levels dropped on average, by 41 per cent from the control test level to the levels achieved by the automated robotic vacuum. Reductions were seen across various floor types including carpeted and hard floors, both with and without the antiviral surface cleaner.

Traditionally the Abbee robots have been used to vacuum offices, hotels and schools. In a recent poll of cleaning professionals by TPLC, only two per cent ranked vacuuming as important, yet vacuuming takes about 25 per cent of a cleaner’s time. They explained why automated vacuuming cost less, cleans better, saves energy and frees up skilled cleaning teams to concentrate on the important tasks.

With the the support of Innovate UK, TPLC were able to provide complimentary Abbees to care homes across the UK. This was to ascertain if pathogens are reduced by using robots for cleaning and sanitisation purposes. With regards to time saving, a post survey showed that 35 per cent of the care home staff "strongly agreed" that robotic cleaning saved their staff time. 88 per cent also agreed or strongly agreed that robotic cleaning has a useful role alongside manual cleaning.100 per cent of care homes also said the automated vacuum solution was easy to use.

Charitable and Constructive Research


Abbee’s are becoming a common sight in commercial and educational settings but this was the first time they were tested in care homes, and the first time that their cleaning ability was tested at a microbial level. The Ensure Touch ATP testing equipment is extremely accurate and is used extensively in healthcare and food production.

Gary Abbey, CEO of Blossom View Respite Home who participated in the trial commented “We have really enjoyed being part of the trial. The robots are a good addition to save time and allow staff to focus their time on high frequency touch points”. Garry went on to say, “I think this type of technology can improve standards of infection control”.

Michael Richardson, CEO of TPLC comments “A huge thanks to all contributing care homes. As is regularly the case with new learning and testing, it is the contribution of the few that creates the benefits for the many. By being part of the trial, we have successfully proved that pathogen levels are reduced by using robots and that staff time is saved so teams can concentrate on the more important tasks at this time – such as touch points. With these findings, we believe, our automated solution would suit premises such as schools and GP surgeries – where cleaning is outside of opening hours and reducing transmission is paramount.”

This virus outbreak has shone new light on the importance of high cleaning standards and the reduction of cross contamination, an increase in automation and the use of robots within the cleaning sector helps improve overall cleanliness and reduces the amount of people that come into contact with the cleaning equipment. TPLC were pleased that the results confirmed what they felt was the case with an impressive reduction of pathogen levels and an increase in time savings.

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Picture: an Abbee being used in a care home.

Article written by Bailey Sparkes | Published 20 April 2021


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