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Looking for the Weakest Link

05 June 2015 | Updated 01 January 1970

It may be difficult to accept but when it comes to IT security the workforce can be leaking vital information.

The warning comes from Wick Hill Group, specialist in secure IP infrastructure and convergence.

“A key IT security vulnerability is staff and many organisations are only as secure as their weakest employee,” explained Ian Kilpatrick, Chairman, Wick Hill Group. “With the continual changes in threats, it’s been nearly impossible for most organisations to train and support their entire workforce.”

Kilpatrick was speaking as Wick Hill was appointed UK value added distributor for KnowBe4, provider of integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing programme, based on Kevin Mitnick’’s 30 plus years in first-hand hacking experience.

The UK has seen a 4,000% increase of dangerous ‘ransomware’ through rapid innovation by sophisticated Eastern European criminals. Mr Kilpatrick argues that this puts employees in the position of inadvertently giving away the “keys to the kingdom. It is more critical than ever to help users understand the consequences of their actions and learn how to combat cyber crime attacks.”

The new relationship with KnowBe4 is seen as helping tackle the problem of employee vulnerability to malicious e-mails as well as providing automated, internet-based security awareness training to combat social engineering, phishing and ransomware.

Picture: Ian Kilpatrick, Chairman, Wick Hill Group –“A key IT security vulnerability is staff and many organisations are only as secure as their weakest employee.” 

Article written by Mike Gannon | Published 05 June 2015


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