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Spotlight Interview – Shumon Choudhury

Spotlight Interview – Shumon Choudhury
16 December 2021

In this Spotlight Interview, we speak to Shumon Choudhury, a Residential Property Manager at Lendlease, based in London.

Shumon has over 15 years of experience managing PRS & FM portfolios on behalf of investment landlords, landed estates, charities, non-profit organisations & private trusts.   Holding an MSc in Property Management from the University of Salford as well as fellowships with several professional associations, he is a committed supporter of raising professional standards in the property industry.

Shumon also believes passionately in leaders using their position to promote an inclusive environment at work and promotes FM as an exciting industry where whatever your interest or ambition, there will be something for you.


"My advice going forward for anyone looking to get into FM is to be open to healthy debates and to be comfortable explaining your thought processes. Also, do all your professional qualifications. The sooner you can get your head around those things, you'll be in a better position."

–Shumon Choudhury

Residential Property Manager, Lendlease


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Taking Away the Taboo


"If everybody in my team thought as I did, I think the ideas would be very similar, and we wouldn’t be pushing the boundaries of innovation", says Shumon. 

"I think we all have to acknowledge our biases. Once we do that, we can address them. Attending inclusivity workshops are a great way of broadening our minds.

"Celebrating and embracing our differences is a key element. If we can discuss these things freely amongst the team, that takes the taboo away. I don’t think we do that enough in the workplace."


The Changing Landscape on Sustainability 


Shumon explains how sustainability is now a significant obligation and an expectation across many organisations, and how FMs are being challenged to do more:

"In the past, FM professionals were responsible for managing the non-core business activities that support the core business strategies. 

"Now, FM professionals are at the forefront of integrating sustainable practices into their operational and management activities and have an opportunity to drive sustainability policies within the business environment by addressing core business strategies."

He also feels that facilities managers are well-primed for bringing sustainability initiatives into the boardroom, due to their involvement in the core business function.


FM as an Exciting Career Choice 


"Our industry is not limited; whatever your interest & ambition, there is likely to be a niche for you. For example, if you are a sports fan, they may be an opportunity for you to manage the FM facilities at your childhood club," says Shumon 

"My advice going forward for anyone looking to get into FM is to be open to healthy debates and to be comfortable explaining your thought processes. Also, do all your professional qualifications. The sooner you can get your head around those things, you'll be in a better position."


Enjoy Making Mistakes


Shumon concluded by emphasising that we should enjoy those early career moments when we are learning and making mistakes: 

"Finally, enjoy it. Our careers run by so fast, we forget the first couple of years when we are learning and that's when we have the freedom to make mistakes. Sadly, as we get older, the margin for errors becomes so slim, so enjoy the period of making mistakes."

Picture: a photograph of Shumon 

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 16 December 2021


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