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Driving Home Safety Message

03 March 2016 | Updated 01 January 1970

As a specialist in working at height, safety has to play a crucial part of business for CAM Specialist Support.

The company believes it is not just the operatives working on buildings who are in potential ‘peril’ so it has also focused on the safety of its drivers to protect them, their passengers and the public when they are out on the road. The new monitoring system CAM has had installed is working in all its operational vehicles, i.e. 13 in total across a range of vans, trucks and cars.

The system CAM uses is a GPS tracker unit with speed alerts. These are supplied by Fleetmatics and Navman.

“We check our vehicles regularly to ensure they are in good condition and it makes sense to check our drivers too,” explained Sean Canty, Director, CAM. “Fitting our vans with speed trackers and dashboard cameras means that we can assess our operatives’ driving and we can then recognise those who do it well and review and where appropriate retrain, those whose driving leaves a little to be desired. We’ve all felt the frustration of traffic delays and wanted to make up time but these tools remind our drivers to be responsible on the roads.”


Benefits all round

By making sure people are thinking about their driving style the argument is the drivers are more considerate of other road users and they drive in a more economical style.

Or as Mr Canty states, it is “better for our books and the environment”. He has seen a large reduction in fuel usage and maintenance costs for replacement of items such as tyres, brake pads and discs. “We have had a reduction of over 30% on our motor fleet insurance due to reduced incidents involving our vehicles. There is also the reputational issue that, as our vans are liveried with the company brand, we do not get any complaints from other road users concerning the quality of driving from our employees.”

But how do the operatives feel with the system? Dave Thomas, Window Cleaning Operative at CAM is clear. “As someone who has been working in London and driving vans for the last 20 years, I can say that it has helped me to understand the importance of driving safely. Although I never felt I drove aggressively or at excessive speeds, I feel less stressed and am probably much more considerate of other drivers.”

Picture: CAM has installed a system for all operational vehicles that has resulted in many benefits including a 30% reduction of motor fleet insurance because of a fall in accidents





Article written by Mike Gannon | Published 03 March 2016


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