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Giving Vandals a Good Bashing

15 May 2015 | Updated 01 January 1970

Those having to deal with the smashing, gouging, scratching or repeatedly applying graffiti of property and vehicles may have help at hand with the services offered by the Vandalism Control Association (VCA) network.

It runs the network that brings victims of vandalism, both in the public sector and business community, together with suppliers of products and services and is dedicated to sharing the latest best practices, innovations and answers to combat the wide range of vandalism attacks.

The VCA’s Help Me service is available to all businesses and public bodies to enable a faster and more comprehensive response to vandalism problems, while ensuring that victims have exposure to options that are cost effective.

Through the service, facilities, estates and property managers can access information, advice, guidance and answers to their vandalism issues. The network provides opportunities for those affected to learn about the latest products coming to the market, including:

  • Protecting vulnerable areas and surfaces, including glass, property and assets.

  • Removing graffiti from a range of different types of surfaces.

  • Repairing damage to concrete, natural stone, brickwork, painted, powder coated, wooden and metal surfaces.

In addition, support can be provided for the risk assessment, selection and design of cost effective monitoring, control and response procedures and if the opportunity to refurbish exists, re-design out areas of vulnerability.

“Too many victims of serious and costly vandalism are left combating the issues without training and support, while some amazing suppliers already have products and services that reduce cost and prevent or diminish the effects of vandalism,” explained Jimmy Nicholls, MD, VCA. “The VCA encourages well informed transactions between public bodies, business and supplier members through our free Help Me service which I encourage all to make full use of.”

For further information, Click Here:

Picture: The Vandalism Control Association runs a network that brings commercial victims of vandalism together with suppliers of products and services

Article written by Mike Gannon | Published 15 May 2015


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