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Going Down a Bundle

29 April 2016 | Updated 01 January 1970

Battens Solicitors has chosen electronic document bundling software from legal systems specialist Zylpha.

The practice has been in existence for over 300 years with 20,000 clients and has offices in Yeovil, Sherborne, Dorchester, Weymouth and London and it will use Zylpha to prepare, paginate and distribute Court bundles and other legal documents.

It will also use the software to organise documents for commercial and residential property sales and auctions that are published online. The system also incorporates an integration for the practice’s current Lawsoft CMS and the potential to integrate with other case management systems that it upgrades to in the future.

The legal document bundling technology is claimed to slash the time taken to prepare and maintain document bundles and ‘significantly boosts’ overall organisational efficiency. Users can create PDF based bundles to meet a broad range of practice requirements and then send them securely both around the enterprise and outside. The bundles can contain documents from all leading applications and include both audio and CCTV files. Using electronic bundles also reduces unsustainable paper and storage consumption in the workplace. Inadequate postal and courier systems are also said to be consigned to the past.
Battens chose Zylpha because of its record of delivering effective bundling to legal practices, its secure delivery systems and the bundling system’s proven integration with existing case management systems used at the firm. “As more and more of the documents we work with on a daily basis are being sent and received electronically, our staff need to have the right tools to work with them,” explained David Polson, IT Support & Systems Developer, Battens. “The implementation of Zylpha’s software has boosted our internal efficiency dramatically and has enabled us to more rapidly respond to the needs of our clients and adapt to the changing demands of the UK court system.”

Picture: West Country legal firm Battens is seeing significant improvements with using the electronic bundling system from Zylpha


Article written by Cathryn Ellis | Published 29 April 2016


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