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How To Tackle The High Costs Of Wasted Workspace

27 October 2017 | Updated 01 January 1970

The spiralling cost of wasted time in meetings is a hot topic according to industry expert Luis De Souza of international software business NFS Technology Group.

He recently told delegates at the Future of the Workplace conference that the average cost of a meeting is $1,000, based on salaries alone.

“The problem is, an estimated 25% of that time is wasted on people being late, finding their meeting room still occupied or having to set the room up, De Souza said.

“In these challenging times, no business can afford to sustain that kind of waste and frustration.”

 De Souza described the smart workplace as a strategic development that can encourage productivity, encourage staff retention and promote sustainability “Technology is both a driver and an enabler – the digital workplace revolution is gathering pace,” he said.

“We’re seeing a big shift from fixed to flexible co-working spaces where workers can move around and collaborate more freely.

“This is particularly attractive to the millennial generation of workers, who bring their own abilities and requirements to an already-evolving workplace where several generations are working together.”



In this shifting space, De Souza said technology is key to creating an efficient workplace that encourages an attractive environment promoting productivity and the retention of talented staff.

“A connected workplace is an enormous asset to any organisation,” said De Souza. “It should include a scheduling platform where staff can locate and book the space they need to work well. It should be easy to use for any device - mobile is key today.

“Modern occupancy sensor technology can detect what space is being used, so staff can easily find the right space to match their activity. Apps can help people choose preferences such as a cool or quiet space.

“Combined with digital signage and in-room technology that ensures meetings can get started on time, it can save a huge amount of costly wasted time – and keep busy people happy.

The cost of workspace continues to rise enormously, and organisations who use their space wisely are at a tremendous competitive advantage.”

NFS Technology Group is a worldwide provider of the workspace technology Rendezvous

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 27 October 2017


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