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Saturday, 11 July

Largest Office Move in History & How to Avoid the Stress

18th August 2017

Telia's move into new headquarters in Solna, Stockholm is being claimed as the largest office move in history by the Swedes

After 57 years in old worndown premises on the other side of town, Telia decided to go all-in when entering their new home.

The impressive building designed by the architects at Tengbom has over 650 meeting rooms and hosts 3500 employees.

Together with the Telia Company Cygate, Flowscape installed 268 room panels and 26 large billboards. To make room booking easier and quicker, Flowscape implemented indoor positioning, as well as room and presence indication sensors. This technology together with Flowscape's features - Space finder and Equipment finder - allows Telia's employees to book desks or rooms with just a click, and to find vital office equipment in the office.

To aid the thousands of employees in quickly finding and contacting each other a Colleague Finder was also introduced.

Watch the video below on the project. For best effect, view the video in a pair of VR glasses on a browser that supports 360 videos.

Top tips for reducing stress during an office relocation

Whether it’s keeping calm and carrying on, having a stiff upper lip or putting faith in the restorative powers of tea, us Brits have developed a host of methods for coping with stress, writes Nigel Dews of Harrow Green.

Small doses of stress can be helpful when it comes to keeping us motivated, and it is often unavoidable. Indeed, we are all likely to experience some level of stress in our everyday lives. Earlier this year, Bupa UK revealed the life milestones that cause the most stress including; the birth of a child, going through a romantic break-up, being made redundant and moving house.

And much like a house move, an office relocation can cause a great deal of stress. Aside from drinking lots of tea, there are a number of steps (nine, in fact) that can be taken to make your office move smoother for all involved.


Here's Nigel Dews' Top Tips

  • Plan, plan, plan! Prepare your own checklists and timeline but also work closely with your removal company to plan the move.
  • Do as much packing in advance as is realistic and have an archiving strategy in place.
  • Use labels to keep track of what assets and furniture you’re keeping and where it needs to go in the new site.
  • Allocate responsibilities among the team so that everyone is involved and appoint ‘move champions’ to drive change.
  • Communicate with your team before, during and after the move to advise and support them with the change.
  • Ensure IT personnel are on-hand to deal with potential glitches.
  • Make sure refreshments are on hand to keep people happy and hydrated.
  • Remind staff of the positive reasons for the move and focus on the benefits.
  • Once everything is moved, don’t forget to thank everyone for their efforts.

As well as the tips above, choosing a relocation partner that prioritises causing minimal disruption to your staff’s working day is fundamental. Learn more about how other businesses have successfully relocated. Or contact us to discuss how we might help you - Nigel Dews, Managing Director, Harrow Green.

Picture: Telia's headquarters in Solna, Stockholm


Article written by Cathryn Ellis – published 18th August 2017


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