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Let Me Tell You a Little Secret

03 December 2015 | Updated 01 January 1970

With the launch of World Toilet Day, SCA which owns well known hygiene brands like Bodyform, TENA, Plenty, Velvet, Cushelle and Tork, has offered what it believes is an unprecedented insight into the UK’s toilet hygiene habits with some ‘surprising’ results.

The SCA Hygiene Matters Survey reveals that huge numbers of Brits are using their workplace toilets for what it describes are ‘some less than hygienic activities’

Topping the poll was the ‘sneaky’ 22%  who head to the toilet to covertly text or talk on a mobile phone, closely followed by another 21% who hide away in their work toilets for a private face-to-face conversation with a colleague.

While to some the toilet may seem like a good place for a chat, for others, it is seen as a place to  relax. In fact 12% of respondents use their office bathroom to have a bite to eat, while a leisurely 11% spend some extra time on the toilet reading their favourite book or flicking through a magazine. Another 4%  even find the time to creep away from their desks for a quick ‘power-nap’.


Workplace stress

However and more seriously, feeling the strain of workplace pressures, spending some much-needed ‘me time’ sees 20% admitting they have used their office bathroom to take a break from the stresses of work with 15% using their time alone to vent their frustrations. A further 9% has taken sanctuary in their office bathroom to cry, while a diligent 6% ensure they do not waste a second by carrying out extra work on the toilet.

There is a downside in hygienic terms – the survey finds it is unsurprising that a significant 10% only wash their hands once a day – making them one of the most unhygienic nations when it comes to workplace bathroom habits.

“These surprising results that have been released in time for World Toilet Day show that British people use their workplace bathrooms for a variety of unusual reasons, but more alarmingly, this is impacting on important hygiene practices like regular hand washing,” stated Ben Heppenstall, Communications Manager, SCA. “Our survey is just one of the ways that we hope to challenge perceptions and motivate change surrounding hygiene practices in the UK.”

Picture:      ''Please keep this between ourselves' The UK workplace washroom is a hiding place for all sorts of activities, including stress and unhappiness, according to a survey by SCA

Article written by Cathryn Ellis | Published 03 December 2015


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