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Managing the Supply Chain

15 January 2016 | Updated 01 January 1970

WHR Property Consultancy has appointed elogbooks to provide its FM software system and customer service support.

The decision is to aid in the management of offices, commercial buildings, industrial estates and retail parks across the WHR portfolio.

elogbooks will be delivering its helpdesk, along with property software encompassing real-time communications audit for all FM jobs and analysis of service provider performance management to the award-winning company.

WHR Property Consultancy is a fast-growing business that comprises consultants for office, industrial, investment, roadside, project and building and lease as well as providing property and asset management advice across numerous sectors.

“elogbooks is a Cloud-based comprehensive product which is an invaluable tool for the property manager and streamlines and makes the day-to-day management of assets much more efficient,” explained Anna Main, Partner in the Property and Asset Management department, WHR. ““The system has an intuitive design and its auditing tools are built for mobile so can be used on site. We will be introducing near field communication (NFC) into the management of our assets to help with Health and Safety, track security, inspections and cleaning patrols to easily manage our entire property portfolio.”

Picture: The decision to opt for logbooks “makes the day-to-day management of assets much more efficient” – Anna Main, WHR

Article written by Robin Snow | Published 15 January 2016


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