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School's Back - Weather Settles

04 September 2015 | Updated 01 January 1970

It's looking more settled - naturally...the kids are back in School! The De-ice weather report for the weekend and week ahead by Vicky Lopez of De-ice.

In my view I don’t think the summer has been too bad – it started early July and as forecast was changeable during most of August but I’m based in the South East and I think we have certainly seen the best of it.

Looking forward, the weekend stays to form, with sunshine and showers as low pressure to the east dominates. We are looking for the ridge of high pressure which is hanging out to the west of us to move over the UK next week bringing warmer calmer weather. Showers will move increasingly south over the weekend with Sunday looking the best day of the weekend as generally dry everywhere although temperatures nothing to get excited about.

The high pressure system looks to stay with us as the jet stream shifts slightly, dipping around low pressure out in the Atlantic and rising north over the UK and then dipping away again – this is called an omega block which will keep the high pressure over us for the next week or so. Temperatures hanging around the early 20’s for the day but cooler at night with rural temperatures down to single figures. This will mean colder nights and maybe early morning mist/fog.


Climate change refugees

While I have been enjoying the delights of Morocco (on my hols), other world weather event highlights have seen the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, record breaking wildfires in Washington State, and the tropical storm Erika causing flooding in Dominica which thankfully weakened through Haiti with heavy rains. Most interestingly though was a news piece I saw in mid-week about the Alaskan island of Kivalina which due to climate change, scientists estimate that the island will be underwater by 2025 making the islanders the first climate change refugees…



Please note: Cold weather is De-ice's business and we get constant weather updates from a variety of sources but we are in no way qualified meteorologists.

Picture: An aerial view of Kivalina, Alaska, which is threatened by rising sea levels in the Arctic, with thanks to Re-locate Kivalina

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 04 September 2015


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