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Saturday, 11 July

Smart Tasks in Wolverhampton

22nd July 2016

The University of Wolverhampton has adopted advanced employee scheduling and remote workforce management to gain effective visibility and control over its campus cleaning team.

Skillweb’s SmartTask is being used by Wolverhampton University to provide proof of attendance, performance reporting and electronic auditing as part of a wide ranging estate management initiative to better performance manage staff and improve employee accountability across three main campus sites. 

A team of 16 in-house day cleaners are issued with NFC-enabled smartphones at the beginning of each shift, scanning start and end times using personal log-in cards to confirm attendance. This helps to quickly identify any missed shifts, so alternative arrangements can be made, while providing an accurate record of working hours for operational reporting and payroll.

Using the smartphones to access SmartTask, cleaners can then view an electronic list of their work schedule. RFID tags have been installed at 180 toilet facilities across three campuses with plans to introduce them to a further 200.


Immediate visibility

Cleaners have to scan the smartphone over the tags at each location to register the completion of work, so the central facilities team has immediate visibility of progress and identify any areas of underperformance.

Supervisors are using electronic forms via SmartTask to undertake work audits and a number of checks, e.g. chemical checks at all store rooms in line with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. A COSHH risk assessment is required by law for the possession or use of hazardous chemicals which must be completed before work begins and prior to a chemical being brought into a university.

SmartTask is enabling the capture and storage of critical information electronically, replacing an inefficient paper based systems and providing immediate access to historical data.


Measuring KPIs

Meanwhile, SmartTask is helping put in place consistent management KPIs as well as providing a means of gathering the data by which they can be measured. This is reportedly simplifying evidence based employee performance management while making it possible compare and contrast different teams by location or service to identify inefficiencies or areas of improvement.

“SmartTask is helping us take control of our remote teams, making sure they are operating safely in accordance with our precise operational requirements,” explained Sandy Shaw, Campus Operations Manager, Estates and Facilities, Wolverhampton University. “As a result, we are delivering higher levels of compliant service by making the most of our FM teams, while streamlining administrative and management processes to target cost, time and resource efficiencies.”


Picture: Wolverhampton University is making extensive use of Skillweb’s SmartTask system to improve effective monitoring and auditing as part of its test management

Article written by Mike Gannon – published 22nd July 2016


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