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Spie 365 Facilities - New Name, Same Direction

20 June 2017 | Updated 01 January 1970

Spie 365 Facilities was the biggest reveal at the Facilities show on the first day.

Spie, which is a global engineering group, purchased the Trios Group (with a focus very specifically in responsive FM) back in November 2016. This has been followed by a natural transition over the past seven months or so - leading-up to June 20 and the official launch.


Why is it such big news?

Spie has bought 106 companies in the past ten years. Trios was the 107th (and is probably not the last) but it came with a structure that allows the new parent company to take all the various strands of its businesses that sit under the heading 'facilities management' and give them one all-encompassing home. Spie 365 Facilities has been born with a huge pedigree and a critical mass that makes it one of the super-FMs.  

The Trios Group had established a solid brand recognition but it pales in comparison to the size of the new entity. By the time we leave this exhibition, they don't expect every facilities manager to know who or what Spie 365 Facilities is - but they do know the biggest global TFM companies will know and now count us as a serious competitor.

Spie 365 Facilities believes the offering will be relevant to existing Trios clients and to existing Spie clients. But it is also going to be relevant to new customers operating across every continent. They will continue to work hard to retain the valued business of customers with two or three sites all the way up to national 1700 site operations. But they can now go to a  global TFM model if needs be. What's more, they are of such as size that they can self-deliver on most projects at whatever scale.  

Spie 365 Facilities doesn't intend to lose the Trios principles in terms of delivery, innovation or flexibility. They say they will be keeping the management structure tight so they don't do what some of the other larger players do - lose sight of the needs of the customer.

Now it's on to completing the integration. Trios had its core FM business streams...all they have to do is make sure they take all the good things that sit in those streams and upscale them with the resources that are now available to Spie 365 Facilities. It's a challenge - but they are all looking forward to it.

Picture: Jeff Alden, Director of Operations of the just launched Spie 365 Facilities, chats with ThisWeekinFM's Roy Winters on day one of the facilities Show.

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 20 June 2017


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