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TWFC Score Film Role

18 August 2017 | Updated 01 January 1970

The Window Film Company (TWFC) has launched a collection of bomb blast protection products including specially developed window films and attachment systems.

TWFC’s security collection’s products offer protection against criminal damage, bomb-blast, extreme weather and explosion.

In an explosion, a single square foot of glass shatters into hundreds of potentially lethal sharp fragments, specialist window film stops this by holding broken panes together, preventing the shards separating and being propelled into the air.

The Window Film Company’s bomb-blast film is available in a range of thicknesses and grades. These have been designed to deter everything from bomb blasts to natural disasters with each subject to extensive independent tests.

TWFC uses SafetyShield, a 200 micron, multi-laminate blast mitigation window film. Micky Calcott, MD said: “Explosions are thankfully rare but unfortunately crime isn’t. Facilities managers and business owners are always looking for ways to make properties safer and more secure. Glazing is often the security weak link due to the fragile nature. Security film provides a cost-effective way to improve both security and protection.”


200 fragments

He continued: “When an explosion happens, glass shatters into over 200 piercing fragments. Each of these slivers is sharp and potentially lethal. Window film traps these shards to drastically minimise injuries. As blast mitigation is a serious and growing issue in our cities, alleviating the varying threat types by protecting glazing in commercial buildings requires specialist window film which must be installed by experienced and trained professionals and it must be done on a bespoke basis.”


Attachment and restraint systems

Window films provide an extra layer of protection, applying the film with an attachment system delivers the most wide-ranging security available. Such systems anchor the film to the window frame so that in the event of an explosion, the system holds both in place, mitigating the potential blast impact.

TWFC offers the Madico SafetyShield range of systems. There are four options made for different requirements:

  • Wet Glaze Anchoring System – installation uses structural silicone between the safety film and window frame.
  • Gull Wing Anchoring System – installation uses an additional flexible membrane that is attached to both the filmed glass and window frame.
  • LifeLine Anchoring System – this has been designed for factories/industrial sites. The LifeLine system works by applying energy absorbing cords across the window. These cords catch the filmed glass in the event of a blast, preventing it falling into the building and causing damage.
  • FrameGard Anchoring System. A mechanical attachment system that clamps the filmed glass to the window frame, in an explosion the glass is kept within the frame.

Picture: Window films enhance security and offer bomb-blast protection

Article written by Brian Shillibeer | Published 18 August 2017


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