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Twinview to Implement Digital Twins Across Nordic Region

Twinview to Implement Digital Twins Across Nordic Region
25 May 2021

Twinview and Nordic BIM Group have announced a strategic partnership to implement digital twins across the property sector in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

This will allow property owners and operators to improve their business outcomes by reducing costs and carbon whilst also improving building-user experiences.

Twinview was launched at the beginning of 2020 following three years of development and the partnership with the Nordic BIM Group will enable digital twins to be adopted across Sweden, Finland and Norway with the Nordic BIM Group providing implementation support and training.





"Collecting and monitoring real-time data to optimise a building’s operational performance and sustainability will be increasingly important to better inform decision-making and to also meet wider challenges such as climate change."

–Halvor Sandbu

CEO, Nordic BIM Group


PropTech Solutions 


Digital twins have been used in sectors such as aerospace and power generation for a number of years, however, they are a relatively new technology in the property sector.

A digital twin is a digital representation of the physical building and building information models are developed through design, construction and handover. Twinview builds upon the use of these models into operation with a cloud-based platform that connects buildings to Internet of Things devices, monitoring building performance.

The platform visualises three-dimensional information and includes a facilities management module along with a mobile data capture and surveying app.

We are facing a global climate emergency and buildings are the largest users of energy across the world. This makes it vital for us to learn to operate our buildings as efficiently as possible. Due to increasing energy costs and compliance, property owners and operators need to understand how buildings connect with the people who use them.

Building systems generate large amounts of data which is never collected or analysed but with access to machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is easier to predict how a building will operate to optimise its performance.

With increasing use of building information modelling detailed "as-built", data and models are increasingly accessible and most new buildings include sophisticated monitoring and control systems which are rarely connected to these models.


Digital Twins Across Sweden, Norway and Finland


Rob Charlton, CEO of Twinview, commented: “We are delighted to have the Nordic BIM Group as one of our partners. They have many years of experience in the digital construction field, and we are confident they will bring huge value to those who implement Twinview in the Nordics.”

Halvor Sandbu, CEO of Nordic BIM Group, added: “We are very pleased to have entered this important partnership with Space Group about offering Twinview to the Nordic market through Nordic BIM Group (Graphisoft in Norway, Nolliplan in Sweden and M.A.D. in Finland). Collecting and monitoring real-time data to optimise a building’s operational performance and sustainability will be increasingly important to better inform decision-making and to also meet wider challenges such as climate change.

"Our market research has identified many different operations and maintenance systems available in the market today, but the majority is based on older technology that is not built for the future. We strongly believe that we can radically change the industry with Twinview for the great benefits of our customers, the occupier and the environment.”

As buildings become more sophisticated in an evolving world, the use of Twinview and digital twins will enable buildings to become increasingly efficient and safer for those using them.

Picture: a photograph of a curved office building from the outside

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published 25 May 2021


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