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Monday, 24 February

Tyco Adds to Its Profile

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security has launched Profile Flexible, its latest range of modular fire alarm panels.

The new controllers offer a range of benefits to deliver improved fire safety for all typical building engineering applications and are made to enhance the existing Zettler Profile family of touch screen panels.

The design of the Zettler Profile Flexible fire alarm control panel makes it suitable for any industry or environment. Its modular format means it can be expanded quickly and cost effectively, matching changes in fire safety strategies as might be demanded by the evolution of smart buildings, for example. The range combines high fire safety performance and zero false alarm tolerance, with lifetime cost benefits.

Peter Lackey, UK Fire Product Manager at Tyco said, “Speed and accuracy are critical in protecting people, assets and valuable infrastructure from fire. Our customers demand an alert system that is reliable even in the harshest of environments but also cost effective to run. They need a system that can intelligently identify if an incident is real or a false alarm to minimise disruption to their day-to-day operation.”              

“In Profile Flexible, Tyco has developed a fire control panel that  controls and manages the environment, which the installed system is protecting,” he concluded. “By investing in advanced, future proof technology, instead of cables and labour, customers can enjoy state-of-the-art fire safety and reap significant savings in operational and maintenance costs.”


Modular design offers flexibility and choice

The Zettler Profile Flexible fire alarm control panel’s modular design means it can be tailored to specific building and user requirements, whether that be a harsh industrial space or high-end corporate office environment.

It is flexible enough to allow for expansion and adaptations to be made quickly, easily and cost effectively as business needs evolve. The slot card arrangement offers up to 50 different design options to build the most economical and effective system.

Profile Flexible is the first fire alarm system that enables the use of every address and all available power across all loops, through a power and address shared transfer capability. Until now, any remaining power is wasted once all the available device addresses have been used up, and vice versa.

With Profile Flexible, spare power and address capacity can be shared across other loops in the same building so that nothing is wasted. In addition, engineers can mix and match individual panels to suit high and standard power loops, each running up to 2km in length.

Networks of up to 99 panels is possible with Profile Flexible, with distances  in excess of 50km between panels possible using fibre optic connections.

Each high-power loop carries one amp of power to support massive numbers of visual alarms alongside traditional audible alarms. This is fully compliant with the EN54-23 visual alarm standard designed to provide effective light output for hearing impaired persons and noisy background environments.

The Profile Flexible panel range contains two core panel options with the capability to support either 16 or 32 loops, and up to 4,000 addresses from a single control panel. This level of design flexibility and optimisation delivers significant cost savings, as a single panel can replace multiple units and meet all necessary requirements.

The panels can also be used as part of a network or as a standalone product. The network capacity seamlessly supports a massive potential of 396,000 addresses. Users can benefit from a reliable network that is large enough to suite all types of locations, from transport hubs to distribution centres.


Built for the future

The intuitive full colour touch screen and multilingual user interface enables straightforward, one-touch operation. This reduces the need for extensive training and enables faster response times in the event of an emergency. The aesthetically pleasing design blends into any environment, eliminating the need for the panel to be within an enclosure.

Quick and cost-effective to deploy, the user panel clips into a lightweight back frame and requires just a single engineer to install.

The Profile Flexible delivers multiple benefits to contractors and installers, including:

  • Fast, one man installation and reduced commissioning costs
  • Remote technical support

Benefits for the end users and fire safety officers include:

  • Full colour, intuitive touch screen panel with multilingual user interface
  • Panel operators can understand and use the product rapidly and with confidence, accessing event summary information with just one tap on the screen
  • Reduced ownership and operational costs
  • Ergonomically and aesthetically designed to suit all types of buildings and locations
  • Compatible with legacy products and future proof for smart building requirements

Tyco products are fully compliant to health and safety regulations, making it one of the most reliable and secure fire protection solutions on the market.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis


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