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Wishing for a Washout Weekend?

27 May 2016 | Updated 01 January 1970

According to research by the Met Office ahead of the second May Bank Holiday weekend, whilst most Brits outwardly rejoice at the prospect of a weekend of sunshine and warm weather (especially ahead of a bank holiday) over half (56%) admit they secretly wish for 'washout' weekends of rain so they have an excuse to stay at home.

The other reasons cited h are:

To be lazy (30%)

To save money (21%)

To avoid going to an event (20%)

To stay in pyjamas all weekend (14%)

To watch a box set on TV (13%)

To watch films all weekend (11%)

To stay in bed all weekend (11%)


Excuses, excuses

42% say they have previously used the weather as an excuse for not attending an event. These include:

Seeing friends (26%)

Seeing family (15%)

A wedding (6%)



The research also found that 62% of UK adults currently check the weather on a daily basis. Apps are now the second most common way we check the weather (41%) after television (47%). Nearly half (44%) say access to weather apps mean they check the weather more regularly - so they are prepared for what the weather will bring each day.


Personal impact of weather

58% of UK adults have been to an event that was ruined because the weather wasn't planned for. Events include:

Someone else's wedding (9%)

My own wedding (2%)

BBQ (21%)

A day at the beach (16%)

Picture: Strangely enough...a day at the beach


Article written by Victoria Lopez | Published 27 May 2016


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