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TWinFM Spotlight Interview – Europcar Mobility Group

Peter Crabtree, Europcar Mobility Group
05 March 2020

For those of you that manage fleets, it can be a tricky business devising a policy that’s fit for purpose. With changing demands of varying contracts and workforces alongside the increased pressure of sustainability targets, could a move to more flexible approach be what the sector needs?


In this interview, leading fleet management expert Peter Crabtree, of Europcar Mobility Group, explores the challenges fleet managers are facing and possible solutions. With insights on sustainability practices, managing changing workforce demands and navigating economic uncertainty, he offers some great advice to support improvements in a variety of aspects of fleet policy. This is a real must-see for anyone with responsibility for fleet vehicles.


It's important that an effective fleet manager understands the broad needs the business and then sources solutions to meet those individual requirements rather than an all embracing solution.

– Peter Crabtree

Europcar Mobility Group UK


Watch the exclusive Spotlight Interview with Peter Crabtree




Increased speed of change


Unprecedented changes are happening in the fleet sector at the moment – environmental, economical, vehicle technology and vehicle taxation. This makes putting together a fleet policy which is fit for purpose very challenging. Fleet managers need to find solutions that help them cater for the differing needs of both their users and their organisation as a whole – one size no longer fits all. 


"I’ve been in the industry for 25-30 years, and I think it's fair to say that we’ll probably never work through such levels of change for a number of reasons. Firstly, we've got significant economic uncertainty, whilst we've finally got through Brexit – that's been a real challenge for many companies. We have big changes around vehicle technology. We have transient work forces, we have changes in vehicle taxation classification…"

– Peter Crabtree

Europcar Mobility Group UK

Sustainability Factors


By adopting the correct technology, businesses can support the Government's sustainability and carbon-reduction strategies. But balancing cost and environmental pressures, whilst keeping drivers happy, has never been more difficult in these uncertain times. Choosing vehicles that are the most CO2-efficient is a good place to start – this will become a key factor in meeting organisational environmental targets, as well as ensuring access into Clean Air Zones in central city locations in a cost-effective way: 



"Carbon reduction is an increasingly important agenda item for most medium to large corporates. Many of them are working towards a sustainability agenda as part of their corporate social agenda. What we're working on is trying to make sure we're supporting them by buying the right vehicles with the lowest CO2 emissions. We have the the youngest fleet in the rental market – that means we buy more vehicles, more frequently – and we can have access to the more modern technology, more frequently." 

– Peter Crabtree

Europcar Mobility Group UK




Roundtable Discussion Opportunity: "The Challenges in Devising a 'Fit for Purpose' Fleet Policy" 


If you've found this interview valuable then you may benefit from joining our upcoming roundtable. It's a great opportunity to take part in an open discussion with peers – considering points such as the effect of economic uncertainty and how to align your policy with sustainability plans. 

If you're interested in attending, please click here


Find out more about Europcar Mobility Group here.

Article written by Daisy Miceli | Published 05 March 2020


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