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Planet Mark's New Face

Planet Mark
01 February 2021

Sustainability certification Planet Mark is investing in a digital transformation programme and a new modern identity, with visuals inspired by a shared vision of a brighter horizon and fresh beginnings. The move will enable the company to amplify its international reputation and growth, and make the sustainability certification more globally appealing and accessible.

A new strategy will see Planet Mark reinforce the urgency of the climate crisis and the importance of sustainability during this crucial Decade of Action by communicating a clearer, simpler message to organisations globally that Planet Mark is ‘empowering change for a brighter future’. 

The company will also be expanding its programme offerings to embrace product certification during 2021 alongside the existing business and real estate certifications. The digital transformation includes a new domain incorporating a new member page to make it easier for members to engage with their employees and communicate their sustainability journeys transparently, founded on third party verification of their certification. This is the latest in a succession of updates as the accreditation has become a movement of its own.                         


"The fresh modern identity communicates a positive, clear message that a brighter future is just on the horizon."


– Claire Walmsley-Moss 
Head of Marketing, Planet Mark


Strength to Strength


2020 was a strong year for Planet Mark initiatives and awareness. The shift in business pace, as many took time to adapt, offered an opportunity to reconsider sustainability. Looking to achieve net zero carbon emissions internally by 2030, Planet Mark have been encouraging other organisations to act on their own impact. Highlighting UN Secretary General António Guterres’ proclamation that our planet is broken as a result of climate change, Head of Marketing Claire Walmsley-Moss stresses that the time for debate is over and decisive action is critical.

“The new branding aims to talk to businesses and all the individuals they employ to go on a sustainability journey together with Planet Mark, and to communicate to them in positive, encouraging language that we all have a responsibility to own and end the climate crisis.”  

She adds, “The fresh modern identity communicates a positive, clear message that a brighter future is just on the horizon.

“Planet Mark will continue to strengthen its crucial partnerships with the Eden Project and award-winning charity Cool Earth, while also enabling members of Planet Mark community to have ownership of the new certification mark. Through our digital transformation programme we hope to support our members in sharing their sustainability journeys with greater pride and ease. 

We will be calling on our members to recreate the new logo in their own corporate colours, making it playful and fun. We will be asking them to take ownership of the challenges of halting the climate crisis, and we will be inspiring members to participate in exciting initiatives in the run up to COP26, as we believe we will go further faster together.” 

The Planet Mark Awards were held virtually last year, providing role models for conscious conduct. They have played an active hand in aiding organisations and individuals to make headway on the otherwise daunting prospect of offsetting their negative environmental impact. Releasing a downloadable Home Worker Package made the transfer from offices to homes into a chance for self reflection and improving routine.

Their successful Start! scheme assisted companies to move towards their green goals via funding, and has recently evolved into a partnership with Crowdfunder to help growth of the participants and results. Acknowledging the need to make requirements for new work in the built environment, Development Manager Lara Shear reached out to the construction industry on the importance of better standards alongside improving and adapting existing infrastructure.

Developing their own brand in 2021 is a logical move to continue their influence across business industries with a modernised aesthetic that welcomes a streamlined and sustainable future.


Design by Structure


The new branding has been designed by London-based strategic branding agency Design by Structure. The creative process involved an in depth analysis of Planet Mark’s culture and personality as well as a deep dive into what it means to be more sustainable.  This exploration resulted in a revised brand system that draws inspiration from the planet and champions the idea of change throughout. 

ImageThe updated logo retains Planet Mark’s vivid blue colour but has moved to a cleaner and modern abstract form. The solid base line and segments represent a new horizon, new beginnings and starting afresh, as business and governments re-build a regenerative economy, modernising the brand and making it more mainstream.

In addition, a mixture of playful text and illustrations were commissioned to reinforce Planet Mark’s approachable personality, which is a major attraction in businesses wishing to become Planet Mark members.

Passionate for Progress


Steve Malkin, CEO and founder of Planet Mark, says, “We want Planet Mark to appeal to a wider market and empower businesses with a common goal.  We want to communicate that each and everyone of us has a vital role to play in reversing this situation and, as our friend Sir Tim Smit of the Eden Project puts it, we can become the regenerative heroes of our generation.  Planet Mark can be the catalyst, the mark that signifies sustainability and that something good is happening here.  We are calling on business communities globally to look for the mark and join our movement for change in this crucial Decade of Action.”

Planet Mark was founded in 2013 by Steve Malkin in conjunction with the Eden Project based on the positioning that a connection with nature can enable all people to contribute to a thriving planet. The resulting people-driven sustainability programme, based on its three-step process: Measure, Engage, Communicate. Designed for any business of any size, in any sector, no matter where they are in the world, it has continued to develop and grow, certifying over 800 organisations and doubling in size over the past year. It aims to increase its current active membership from around 200 to 1,000 and to grow its organisation by a further 50 per cent in the next year. The goal is to empower like-minded individuals to halt the climate crisis and improve society in everything they do.     


Pictures: new Planet Mark visual branding.

Article written by Bailey Sparkes | Published 01 February 2021


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