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COVID-19 Resources Specific Terms & Conditions

For All Content In The COVID-19 Resources Section

The following terms and conditions apply to commercial content within the COVID-19 Resources section on the ThisWeekinFM (TWinFM) website.


1.1 All payments for this service will be facilitated using a debit or credit card transaction only, unless otherwise specified in writing.

1.2 All payments facilitated using a debit or credit card include VAT, charged at the standard rate of 20%.

1.2.1 Transaction breakdown is a fee charged at £99.99p and a VAT charge of 20% added to this.

1.2.2 All transactions will be rounded up to the nearest whole penny.

1.3 No work will be done on any assets provided until payment in full has been completed, unless otherwise specified in writing.


2.1 All listings in this section are in chronological order, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.2 A listing can be for one product or service only, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.3 Listings are a maximum of 200 words, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.4 A listing can contain a maximum of one image or video, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.5 A listing entry is subject to TWinFM editorial changes, to be compliant with the TWinFM Style Guide.

2.6 A listing can contain a maximum of one Call To Action (CTA) button, with a URL, unless otherwise agreed in writing

2.7 Additional URLs can be used in the listing but only as hyperlinks.

2.8 A listing will be created in the FM Resource Bank section within 72 hours of the assets being received.


3.1 All listings in this section of the TWinFM website are in alphabetical order by company name.

3.2 The listing content will be the opening of the FM Resource Bank listing.

3.3 All listings will be edited at the discretion of theTWinFM Editorial Team and to suit the TWinFM Style Guide.

3.4 All listings in this section will use the same image as that in the FM Resource Bank listing.

3.5 All listings in this section will direct the reader to the relevant FM Resource Bank listing.


4.1 Images for use in FM Resource Bank listings must be provided in a landscape format, being a minimum of 600 pixels wide

4.2 All images to be provided in .gif, .png, .bmp or .jpg format. 

4.3 Multiple images can be provided but only one will be used.


5.1 A video clip can be used instead of an image, but the video must be hosted externally, preferably on YouTube

5.2 The video embed code can only be used for this service.

5.3 Provision of embed code for a playlist is acceptable.

5.4 If the embed code is not available, an acceptable alternative is an image, linked to a video hosted externally to TWinFM, subject to conditions.

6. CTAs & URLs

6.1 The one Call to Action (CTA) button is positioned at the end of the listing.

6.2 Additional URLs in the listing will be hyperlinks only.

6.2.1 All hyperlinks will be displayed in line with the TWinFM Style Guide.

6.3 All URLs provided can include tracker information.


7.1 All listings are promoted through one Category Sidebar on the ThisWeekinFM website.

7.1.1 The Category Sidebar used is at the discretion of the TWinFM Editorial Team, unless otherwise specified in writing

7.1.2 The Category Sidebar entry will be a replica of the COVID-19 Resources Listing and edited to be the same style as other sidebar entries.

7.2 Regular promotional videos for the COVID-19 Resources section will be produced, but the frequency of this is at the Editorial Team's discretion.

7.2.1 Promotion of each individual listing in a promotional video cannot be guaranteed.

7.2.2 All ThisWeekinFM videos are hosted on the TWinFM YouTube Channel.

7.3 The COVID-19 Resources section will be promoted through the TWinFM Newsletter at the discretion of the TWinFM Editorial Team.

7.3.1 Promotion of each individual listing in the TWinFM Newsletter cannot be guaranteed. 

7.4 Social Media Channels will be used to promote the COVID-19 Resources section, promotional videos and the Newsletter.

7.4.1 Individual listings in the COVID-19 Resources section may be promoted but cannot be guaranteed.

7.4.2 Social Media Channels include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

7.5 Any specific statistics achieved through promotional activity cannot be guaranteed.


No part of the fee payable for this service is refundable at any time, unless otherwise agreed in writing